28th MAY 2010
We want to thank all of you fans and supporters for making this year's Bad Boys Tour a blast! We were having a great time!! 2011 - we are ready to rock!

09th FEBRUARY 2010
We are very proud to announce the almighty SKI KING will kick your ass like last time as a special show case between the bands!

08th FEBRUARY 2010
We are happy to announce that LEFT ALONE from California joined the billing!

04th JANUARY 2010
The Bad Boys will be back on the road in May 2010! Be prepared for The Bones, Street Dogs and Reno Divorce! More bands coming soon!

02nd April 2008
We're sorry to let you know that it is impossible to the mighty SKI KING to be any longer a part of the Bad Boys For Life Tour. He's also very sorry for that situation and if it would be possible he would stay. But after a difficult operation as a reason of a severe injury he has gotten on stage it was the only oppinion he had. We wish that he will get well soon!

01st April 2008
Do some intern band problems Duene Peters will not be anymore the singer of the US BOMS for the rest of the BAD BOYS FOR LIFE TOUR. Duene is already back in the USA and we happy to found a great replacement for him. Leroy, singer of Belgiums punk rocker THE HEARTACHES will  take over Duens part. And wow, he is doing a pretty good job!

22nd March 2008
Big trouble about US Bombs singer Duane Peters. We're very sorry for all US Bombs fans in Franfurt, Berlin and Chemnitz. Due some problems at the LA airport with the airline it was impossible for Duene to get in time at the first day of the Bad Boys For Life Tour. After Duane informed us about the situtaion we booked immediately a new fly to Frankfurt but the plain has to do a stopover in Chicago because of a snow storm. After hours we got the information that Duane's plain will not fly forward and we had to book another fly. In this hour Duene is on the way straight to Frankfurt (GER). He'll be picked up tonight from the manager of the tour and the US Bombs will be finally complete tomorror night to play a awesome show @ Prague's Futurume (CZE). Duane can't wait to rock the stage.

10th March 2008
Dates Update:
The show on April, 07th will be @ the Cine Teatro De Corroios in Lisboa (Portugal).
And the BBFL Tour will be for the first time in Aachen (Germany) on April, 10th.

06th MARCH 2008
Some new dates added.

14th FEBRUARY 2008
New date added:
11.04. Amersfoort - Kelder (Netherlands)

04th FEBRUARY 2008
I updated the tourdates. check it out!

23rd JANUARY 2008
Good news fellas. The line up is complete now:
And we updated the dates!

15th JANUARY 2008
Today we’re proud to let you know that Bostons DARKBUSTER will be a part of the line up! DARKBUSTER playing a uniquely mix of Punk and Ska with Hardcore influence.
If you like the music of SOCIAL DISTORTION, THE CLASH, COCK SPARRER or THE SEXPISTOLS you will love DARBUSTER. DARKBUSTER is music for everyone! Whether if you are a Skinhead, Punk, Rocker or HC Kid. If you start hearing the music you can’t stop!

02nd JANUARY 2008
RADIO DEAD ONES will be a part of the tour!

21st NOVEMBER 2007
The Bad Boys comin' back to town and the first two bands are confirmed. We'll have the U.S. BOMBS and DEADLINE with us on the road to kick your asses! Check the "date" section for the first dates! More dates comin' as soon as possible!


02nd JANUARY 2008
Hey... more dates online!!! More bands soon...